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04 March 2018

Australian, dictionary - Australian English, dictionary - Spellcheck EnglishDespite computers everywhere paper really hasn't disappeared, because it has a lot of, I think, valuable properties. From the Latin word lti uh lot Can be confuseda lot allot Usage note As a noun and adverb, a lot is frequently misspelled as alot. The lawyer allotted the remained assets from the will. British Dictionary definitions for lot pronoun (functioning as singular or plural preceded by a) a great number or quantitya lot to do; a lot of people; a lot of trouble Show More noun a collection of objects, items, or peoplea nice lot of youngsters portion.
Historical Examples Not a blamed thing but a lot of stubs in a check-book, and a little fat. Something my grade school English teacher would say to help us remember is, A lot is a lot of words. Lot, see more synonyms on m noun one of a set of objects, as straws or pebbles, drawn or thrown from a container to decide a question or choice by chance. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Word Origin and History for lot. Show More verb (used with object lotted, lotting. EnglishThe reality, unfortunately, is a little different, and it has a lot to do with trust, or a lack. A great many or a great deal: a lot of books; lots of money. While it may be common to see the word alot throughout Internet commenting or text messaging, the word is never seen in print, and the reason is simple: it isnt an actual word.

Alot or, a lot

Alot or, a lot : Whats the Difference? After reading this post, you wont ever confuse them again. The word was adopted from Germanic into the Romanic languages (cf. What Is a Lot? Area: 5226 sq km (2038 sq miles) a river in S France, rising in the Cvennes and flowing west into the Garonne River.
There is a surprising amount of confusion between these two words (one of which isnt actually a word) and which is the correct form to appear in your sentences. As I said above, the fact that this word sounds alike and looks similar to a lot may cause some people to confuse the two. Related formslotter, nouninterlot, verb (used with where is hollywood at object) interlotted, blot, noununlotted, adjective. Meaning "choice vegas paradise casino review resulting from the casting of lots" first attested.1200. 300 miles (480 km) long. To divide or distribute by lot (sometimes followed by out to lot furniture for sale; to lot out apples by the basketful. There was a lot of prison fiction from movies and books to mine. Makes sense doesnt it?

Is the spelling alot or a lot? If we are to accept usage is what determines should or shouldn't be included in the dictionary, then surely the word ". A lot or alot?

Such a lot definition English dictionary for learners Reverso

Define, lot at, Just as you wouldnt combine other instances of article noun constructions in your sentences, adog, acat, ahorse, etc., you dont combine the two words a lot. A tax or duty. Show More Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with lot Very many, a large number; also, very much.
Home » Alot or A lot: Whats the Difference? You have the article a and the noun lot. A piece of land forming a part of a district, city, alot or a lot dictionary or other community. A number of things or persons collectively: There's one more, and that's the lot. For example, Will you please allot me my share of the inheritance? Old English hlot "object (anything from dice to straw, but often a chip of wood with a name inscribed on it) used to determine someone's share also "what falls to a person by lot from Proto-Germanic *khlutom (cf. The word lot is defined as, a large number or amount, a great deal. Show More, origin of lot before 950; 180515 for def 14; Middle English; Old English hlot portion, choice, decision; cognate with Dutch lot, Old Norse hlutr; akin to Old English hlet, German Los, Old Norse hlaut, Gothic hlauts lot. He was not unfamiliar with the lot of one who dines with the learned Von Herzlich. A distinct portion or parcel of anything, as of merchandise: The furniture was to be auctioned off in 20 lots.

Learn how to use it in a sentence. Alot or, a lot : Whats the Difference? If you go to any dictionary, you will not find the word alot as an entry, which makes it all the more.

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California, hotel Casino - Reviews Best Rate The generalized sense of "great many" is first attested aussie casino games in 1812. Kind of person; sort: He's a aussie casino games bad lot. I care lots about my family. To cast or draw lots for. It may also emphasize a comparative indication of amount, as in We need a whole lot more pizza to feed everyone, or Mary had a lot less nerve than I expected.
Colloquial; early 1800s Show More The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary Copyright 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. It could be that since the word lot isnt used in many other instances besides the phrase a lot that writers began to think of alot as the actual word being used and not lot. To assign to one as his or her lot; allot. EnglishWhen you think about - you know, creativity has a lot to do with causality too. You cannot say alittle, so you cannot say alot. For example, You just drank a lot of milk with dinner. Show More adverb, often lots. South Midland and Southern.S. To divide into lots, as land.

Adverb ( a lot or lots) informal a great deal. Noun 1 treated as sing. Or plural informal a particular.

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