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02 March 2018

Bingo lingo A NEW breed OF bingo Thats ok though because you never want to leave anyway. If you need any more convincing, heres a list of all the reasons you should get yourself down to Depot asap. Expect mayhem prizes, cash giveaways and exciting rounds that will keep you and your bingo squad coming back for more! If you are one of these people, prepare to fight for the prize, and for the love of god put some effort.
I was like that once. Balcony seats: unreserved seating with an excellent view of the stage seated in cinema style rows. Its an unmissable night of Bingo mayhem with one juicy prize at the end! Plus those glasses are pretty fucking cool and you can pretend youre at Oktoberfest instead of a warehouse in Butetown. Whatever you do, dont make a false call. This isnt your normal game of Bingo expect mayhem prizes, cash giveaways and exciting rounds that will keep you and your bingo squad coming back for more! You will regret nothing. Prepare yourself for an unrivaled experience of dance-offs, twerking, joke prizes and the dreaded wheel of misfortune.

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Bingo lingo - Depot - Depot Cardiff Unreserved seating / 18 / this event takes place IN komedia main space. Its all about the Steins, mandem, where else can you buy a two pint Stein in Cardiff? Another was four hundred pounds in straight up cash. . After all Bingo Lingo isnt just a night out, its a way of life and what a life. You will fling strangers around by the arm to Cotton Eyed Joe without anyone judging you.
During the night you will experience a roller coaster of absolute classics and total tunes. Bingo lingo, fri 27 July8pm (Doors 6pm buy. May as well just settle in until next week. This guy lives for bingo the way Ru Paul lives for drag. The prizes alone should be enough to tempt you. Embrace the double shout, sometimes two people will call bingo at once. Ages 18, seated Event Please contact us if you have specific access requirements. Now, however, I know better and if youve got any sense then soon so will you. This was nearly the case when we went a few weeks legit online poker sites back, but luckily we knew someone who worked there and we were given someone who had reserved an area but hadnt turned ups table. You will either bingo lingo win something totally random like a Darth Vader costume or a pack of Krispy Kremes, or something nuts like a car.

Created and launched at warehouse venue depot in cardiff, bingo lingo has quickly become a phenomenon, and we are now touring across UK venues. Bingo Slang used by Bingo Callers Discover nicknames used by UK Bingo players, like 32 Buckle My Shoe Never miss a Bingo Call. This is a list of British bingo nicknames. In the game of bingo in the United Kingdom, callers announcing the numbers have traditionally used some nicknames to refer to particular numbers if they are drawn. The nicknames are sometimes known by the rhyming phrase bingo lingo.

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Why everyone should experience Bingo Lingo at least once in their The Depot gets pretty damn busy, and last poker game if you havent booked a table theres a chance you may be left standing around looking for a corner of a bench to perch. The evening consists of around 8 games of 3 bingo boards with terrible prizes to be won, and one strange mother-of-all-prizes at the end! Get ready to randomly bump into someone you know. You will be remembered as the lamest person to ever grace the Bingo Lingo hall and the crowd will scream abuse at you all the way back to your seat.
No matter how embarrassed you feel at having to wail a Queen song at the top of your voice or twerk like youve been Tasered, its not as embarrassing as being that person who doesnt try at all. Forfeits for this crime range from having to stand on the table and down your drink to having everyone in the room pointing at you screaming You silly bitch with a tad more enthusiasm than is really necessary. Provided you actually have a circle of friends, at least one of them will be a dedicated disciple of this mecca of drunken tomfoolery and will rave about it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Weve taken bingo, flapped it around the wings and given it a kick up the arse! The auditorium is fully wheelchair accessible- please contact the venue for wheelchair tickets. Those who are in the know walk around with a certain spring in their step, their eyes gleaming with the promise of a full house, cannery hotel las vegas upcoming events skin glowing with a healthy stein flush; you can tell just by looking at them theyve discovered the simple magic. You have entered hipster heaven, pass me the red stripe, long wooden tables, food carts housed in vintage vehicles and a tree made out of two-by-fours. Whether its a friend out with their housemates, that weird kid from your seminars or that guy you pulled back in Freshers, you will undoubtedly see a familiar face.

After selling out Cardiff and Bristol for six months straight, Bingo Lingo is on the move again. This isn t your normal game of Bingo expect. Bingo lingo is the newest and most exciting breed of Bingo that s sweeping across the. Bingo Lingo is unlike any bingo you ve played before.

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Bingo Lingo in Brighton - Komedia But theres a friendly, inclusive atmosphere here too; the dress code is bingo lingo casual and youll be greeted warmly when you inevitably have to cosy up to another group of people when sharing a table. After selling out Cardiff and Bristol for 6 months straight, bingo lingo is on the move again. One of the top prizes was a bloody car. Bingo lingo, after selling out Cardiff and Bristol for six months straight, Bingo Lingo is on the move again. You bingo lingo will not regret.
Weve taken the game, thrown away the rules and updated it for the newest generation of party animals! You might also like! Lets be honest though, whoever won the Nerf gun set is the real winner. The doorway into this place is basically the hipsters pearly gates. For full terms and conditions, please go to ub, unreserved cabaret seating / 18 / doors 6:00pm / show 7:30pm. Those of you who have never been will scoff; how can playing bingo of all things bingo lingo be this amazing? Now, chances are these days if youre not living under a rock youve probably heard about Bingo Lingo. This is the drink of choice at Bingo Lingo and only the brave will deviate.

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